Pharmacy Range

Intended exclusively for pharmacies, each one of our Lactacyd Pharma products has been expertly designed to complement the natural balance of your flora.
Drawing on extensive clinical testing, we ensure that the products we offer are perfectly safe and completely suited to your intimate needs.

Retail Range

Lactacyd offers a complete high quality Retail range of intimate washes and wipes, tailored for everyday hygiene.
Feel fresh and protected all day with our intimate cleansing & soothing products.

What makes us unique?

CONTAINS Natural Lactid Acid

Supports the growth of good bacteria in vaginal flora

PROVIDES Balanced pH

maintains natural acidity of intimate zone

EFFICACY AND SAFETY Clinically tested

provides a wel proven intimate partner

60 YEARS of expertise

being trust by millions of women world wide

Complete range

of intimate washes for every life stage or symptom

Natural active ingredients

Enriched with natural active ingredients with therapeutic benefits