Irritation or itchy vagina

Is your intimate zone red or slightly swollen? Do you suffer from itching? Then you may have a vaginal irritation, for which there may be a number of causes. You may have washed your intimate zone with ordinary soap or shower gel. Irritation can also occur via contact with residual urine or feces. The use of scented toilet paper or wearing synthetic underwear (e.g. thongs), tight jeans, and pantyhose can also cause irritation to your intimate zone.

What should you do if you experience irritation?

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How can you tell if the itching you’re experiencing is something more serious and needs a doctor’s attention?

Any symptoms that are persistent (last more than a few days or come back with regularity), or itching that is accompanied by burning, inflammation, or discharge means it’s worth a visit to the doctor. Other red flags to look out for include pain during sex, changes to the outer skin of your vagina, or painful urination. These could be signs of a sexually transmitted disease.