During your menstrual cycle it is more important than ever to feel confident. This is how Lactacyd can help.

Restore the balance

Under the influence of hormonal fluctuations throughout the menstrual cycle, the natural balance of your intimate zone may be temporarily disrupted. If this happens, Lactacyd Pharma with Antibacterials can help to restore the balance.

Feel clean and fresh during your period

Using Lactacyd when you shower can help you to feel clean and fresh. Lactacyd products have a balanced pH that respects the natural acidity of the vagina. To help maintain that clean and fresh feeling during outdoor activities, use Lactacyd Wipes, which contain lactic acid to enhance the vagina’s natural protection and allantoin to soothe your skin.

Next to using the right products, remember it’s important to change sanitary napkins and tampons frequently.

I sometimes get itchy right before my period. Is that normal?

Yes it is. More than likely, it will happen because there is more blood flow to the vaginal area just before your period. Daily intimate care with one of the Lactacyd feminine washes can help to resolve any discomfort. However, if the itchiness does not go away once your period is over, you may have an infection that would require a visit to the doctor or gynecologist.