Pregnancy, next to one of the most beautiful times of your life also a time of changes in your body. In this article we answer all questions about pregnancy and your intimate zone. From how to feel fresh and confident during pregnancy, to what you should do in case of vaginal infections.

Can Lactacyd be used during pregnancy?

Lactacyd is completely safe to use during pregnancy. It is mild, soap-free and tailored to your intimate zone. During pregnancy, your intimate zone is particularly vulnerable. Use Lactacyd Pharma with Antibacterials, which helps protect against the proliferation of bacteria and maintain the natural balance of your intimate zone.

Can you use Lactacyd on a regular base if you want to become pregnant?

Absolutely. Using Lactacyd has no effect on your fertility or the potency of sperm.

What if I’m pregnant and I have a vaginal infection (which is common in most pregnant women), is it safe to take oral and topical medications at this time?

It is always safer to ask your gynecologist for advice about medication for vaginal infections during pregnancy. If you suspect that you have a vaginal infection while pregnant, visit your doctor immediately so he or she can examine you and give you the right instruction about which medications to use.

If I’m pregnant and I get a vaginal infection, should I worry about my baby?

Most vaginal infections in pregnant women will not hurt the baby. Yeast infections during pregnancy do not normally travel up into the uterus to harm the baby in any way. Any concerns related to these infections have mainly to do with the mother’s discomfort due to itching and soreness.

Recent research has shown that bacterial vaginosis (BV) increases the chance of premature birth or miscarriage*. If you suspect that you have a vaginal infection while pregnant, see your doctor.

Pregnant women are ten times more prone to vaginal infection than are non-pregnant women. Hormone levels go up during pregnancy, which disrupts the normal vaginal environment, enabling the growth of bad bacteria. So if you’re expecting, visit your doctor regularly for prevention or immediate cure of any vaginal infection.